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VMP's long awaited Rock Track is here! Pre-order today to secure your spot in the inaugural Rock journey, beginning with 'Is This It' by The Strokes. Buckle up, it's gonna be a wild ride. Limited quantities available. Shipping begins in July.



VMP is amped to partner with CREEM to celebrate the launch of VMP Rock and the return of America’s only rock ‘n’ roll magazine. As part of the celebration, the CREEM editors compiled a mix of VMP titles that speak to the legendary mag’s notorious past as well as its optimistic future. Plus, CREEM subscribers get 20% off this collection, now through July 20th!

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A year-long celebration of Dolly Parton. This 12-month subscription tells the story of Dolly's legendary career through 12 of her favorite albums. Start with this month's Dolly Parton Record, with the option to include catch-up records from the previous months upon signup. Limited quantities available.

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Celebrating 20 years of death cab for cutie's 'tRansatlanticism'

Transatlanticism was released on Oct. 7, 2003. It was Death Cab for Cutie’s fourth album, and the first to bring them to the attention of an audience beyond the comparatively underground community of indie rock adepts they’d been playing to with notable, incremental, success for the first five years of their existence. “Existence,” as opposed to “career.” A career was what they had after, and to a large extent because of, the success — in both scale and style — Transatlanticism enjoyed. Because you’re reading this, odds are good you already know this story, which is fortunate, because it spares these notes the duty of having to dwell overmuch on the extra-musical media details that aligned to make both the record and the band attractive to an audience unused to having to seek out music made by bands that were not yet, or never in the running to be, famous.

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Death Cab for Cutie Selector Series

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VMP Anthology: The Story of the Grateful Dead

2nd Edition: An 8 album, 14 disc set that illustrates and captures the breadth and influence of the great American rock band. Including 4 classic studio albums and 4 essential live albums, the collection connects the Dead's history, subculture and lore to modern relevance and mainstream music culture with liner notes and essays from Jim James, Avey Tare, David Longstreth, Margo Price & more.

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VMP Anthology: Miles Davis: The Electric Years

Introducing Miles Davis: The Electric Years, a limited-edition vinyl box set featuring seven albums from one of the most fertile periods of Miles Davis’ career. Starting in 1969 and ending in 1974, these albums changed jazz — and all of modern music — in their wake, and changed Miles, too. For the fourth — or fifth, or sixth? — time in his career, he remade jazz in his own image.

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