"'So Much Fun' by Young Thug is both his 2019 debut album and his 19-track victory lap, a rare duality that only a few artists in this era of hip-hop newcomers have successfully combined. The album is a celebration of coming from nothing, escaping the noodles on the stove and the roaches on the walls. No more rats scurrying around the floors or minor stick-ups just to eat. This is where destroying reality has brought Thug. What breaking the rules affords you when you learn to rewrite them to be shared on a massive stage. It’s an audible achievement—the incredible thrill of a winning conquest. Thus far, Young Thug’s decade-long career should be studied as a guide for breaking barriers and transformative reinvention. The 29-year-old artist BBC called “The 21st Century’s most influential rapper” earned his first No. 1 album with 'So Much Fun,' but it won’t be his last. We live in Thug’s world, and luckily he wants us to have a good time. Enjoy the party."