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Our Mission: Exploring Music Together

VMP is a community of explorers, sonic archeologists, artists and storytellers who navigate between sounds that are lost and found. We facilitate journeys through music that create transcendent tangible experiences. VMP understands that music is more than bits and bytes — the music we choose shapes and frames our lives.

We curate and create premium vinyl packages with quality you can hear and feel. Our passion for this experience has led us to make the best-sounding records with the best in the business. One record at a time, we’re building a community fueled by a deep appreciation for music.

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Frequently Asked Questions

VMP curates and creates vinyl packages with quality you can hear and feel. We are home to a Record of the Month club, an online record store with curated exclusives and immersive box sets and a music magazine. Club members get early and discounted access to most of our releases, but we welcome any music lovers to shop and join the conversation.

Record of the Month Club: Every month we select and press an exclusive record for each of our “Record of the Month” (ROTM) Tracks: Essentials, Classics, Hip-Hop and Country. Essentials features records essential to your collection, across all eras and genres. Classics features the best soul, jazz, blues and world albums. Hip-Hop spans from old-school classics to current greats. And Country features everything from the classics through the best of now. Members are always welcome to Swap ROTMs so they curate the collection that best suits their style. Join the Club.

VMP Store: We curate an extensive online record store featuring albums, box sets and merch. Curate Your Collection.

The Magazine: The VMP magazine features music journalism, content series, and weekly newsletters featuring acclaimed music critics and experts. Start Exploring.

Anthology: Anthology is our reinvented, immersive box set experience for music fans willing to journey beyond the liner notes. Each Anthology features expert storytelling, exclusive inserts and a collectors-edition vinyl box set. Collect Yours.

We feature a broad spectrum of great music: everything from classic soul and jazz records, to essential hip-hop and indie rock albums, to the best new releases. Our mission is to help you to discover music you’ll love. Our team is constantly listening to music and searching for albums that are complete works of art from start to finish. Start Discovering.

VMP started out as a Record of the Month (ROTM) club — a tradition we keep alive today. The difference is that now we’ve got a lot more to choose from. Every month we select and press an exclusive record for each of our ROTM Tracks: Essentials, Classics, Hip-Hop and Country. Every ROTM is an exclusive, deluxe-edition vinyl record with special packaging like colored vinyl, original art prints, unique art stencils, Listening Notes booklets and more!

How it works:

1. Choose your track:

Essentials: Must-haves for your collection — the best of indie rock, metal, rap, folk, country and even Ethiopian funk.

Classics: The best jazz, blues and soul — lasting albums rescued from the dustbins of history and restored to their full glory.

Hip-Hop: From old-school classics to internet-era greats — featuring records from all styles and eras of these genres — sure to satisfy any hip-hop head.

Country: Country and all its sub-genres — exploring the roots of the genre's beginnings through the sounds of today.

2. Pick your membership length:

1 Month

3 Month

6 Month

12 Month

Membership also gives you access to member-exclusive products inside the VMP Store, exclusive benefits from VMP partners and automatic entry for members-only bonuses and giveaways. 

Memberships start at $33/month for U.S. domestic residents and $41/month for international members. Shipping is always free. You can cancel your membership, change your Track or Swap your monthly record for a different one as often as you want. Join the Club.

Anthology is our reinvented, Grammy-nominated, immersive box set experience for music fans willing to journey beyond the liner notes. Each Anthology features expert storytelling, exclusive inserts and a collectors-edition vinyl box set. Collect Yours.

You bet! We’ve got a few gift options up our sleeves:

Gift a VMP Record of the Month membership for the Track and duration of your choosing. We offer 3-, 6- and 12-month gift plans for Essentials, Classics, Hip-Hop and Country. Give the gift that keeps on giving

Give a collector’s item. Our beautiful, colorful coffee table book features an essay on one record store from each of the 50 states, and recommendations for more than 175 record stores, with a foreword by Mark Farina. Gift them essential reading

Let them choose their own adventure. Give a VMP gift card so they can choose from our exclusive titles to store merch. Give them options.

We work closely with labels and artists to create a truly special and exclusive vinyl pressing and package. Every VMP record comes with a unique feature set — like custom lyric books, art, color vinyl, inserts — you can’t get anywhere else.

VMP was born out of a passion for exploring music. Launched in 2013, VMP’s founding team — consisting of Matt Fiedler, Tyler Barstow and Cameron Schaefer — saw an opportunity to create a new kind of music service. Streaming was on the rise and, as avid music fans, the three saw the benefits of the new format, but couldn’t help feeling like something was missing. Thinking back to the days of reading liner notes, looking through photos of the bands they admired and endlessly studying song lyrics, they longed for a deeper, more rich music experience that digital formats simply couldn’t provide.

Originally launched as a record of the month club, VMP was designed to give customers a tangible and focused music experience. The service offered one record per month that was shipped alongside custom art prints and cocktail pairing recipes to encourage a full-sensory experience.

VMP has evolved and grown over the years into the industry-leading music company featuring four Record of the Month Tracks, immersive Anthology box sets and an extensive online store and magazine. We’re proud to bring VMP into the living rooms of music lovers in 40 countries and counting.

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