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VMP is a music company and record of the month club whose mission is to experience music more deeply.

VMP was founded in 2013 and has since grown its monthly subscriptions to 30,000 while serving over 100,000 music fans across 40+ countries worldwide by offering one-of-a-kind vinyl pressings, diverse music-centric events and content across all genres. VMP continues to rebel against the commoditization of music by operating with the belief that music is worth owning and appreciating.

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VMP is a music company that operates as a record of the month club, an online record shop, and a music magazine.

Records of the Month: Every month, VMP announces the ROTMs, which are offered in three tracks: Essentials, Classics, and Hip-Hop.

The Essentials track is the original VMP offering: albums all genres which are essential to the modern vinyl collection and come paired with a 12” x 12” album-inspired art print and a custom cocktail pairing recipe.

The Classics track features deluxe reissues of some of history's greatest albums across jazz, blues and soul on top-notch 180g black vinyl with remastered audio and high-quality listening notes booklets authored by acclaimed journalists, scholars and experts.

The Rap and Hip-Hop track features records from all styles and eras of rap, which come on 180-gram colored vinyl accompanied by a unique stencil.

If a member chooses not to receive the upcoming ROTM, they can swap it for a past ROTM so they are always curating the record collection that best suits their style.

The Store: Outside of the records of the month, the VMP Store offers a curated selection of albums, clothing and merch available for purchase, including past VMP releases and other exclusive pressings released weekly.

The Magazine: The VMP magazine features music journalism, podcast series, and weekly newsletters featuring acclaimed music critics and experts.

Anthology: The newest VMP exclusive product category is the “VMP Anthology” series exploring a specific label/genre/artist, which are limited edition 6-album box sets delivered over 6 weeks alongside an exclusive content series and private fan community.

The team works closely with both the label and the artist to come up with a truly special version of the record - creating a pressing made exclusively for members. We create at least 2-3 product features that set the VMP edition apart from others. In most cases, we defer to the artists on what those might be.

In the past, we have included handwritten notes, color vinyl, diary excerpts from when the record was being recorded, drawings, listening notes, and many other things to make the package unique.

VMP features a broad spectrum of great music. Highlighting new artists, essential releases from artists you may have never heard of, as well as a healthy dose of must-have reissues from decades past.

Our team is constantly listening to new music and looking for albums that are complete works of art from start to finish. We’re not just content with one or two great tracks, we need entire albums that are worthy of taking up precious space on your record shelf - the kind people will fight over when you die.

Over the course of a membership, VMP members will receive a wide variety of music, spanning various genres, times periods, and artists. Not all may be familiar but all will be worthy of multiple spins.

The team works closely with both the label and the artist to come up with a truly special version of the record - creating a pressing made exclusively for members. Every VMP record comes with a unique feature set (custom lyric books, art, color vinyl, inserts) you can’t get anywhere else.

VMP has featured everything from classic soul / jazz records, to hip-hop/rap, to indie rock, to the hottest new releases coming out today. A couple of major releases include:

A full archive can be seen here.

Each membership gets you 1 specially pressed record per month, access to members-only content in our online store, and a host of other benefits. As a member, you can always "Swap" an upcoming record for something from our archive.

Memberships start at $25 / month for U.S. Domestic residents and $38 / month for international members. Plans and pricing are listed below.

New members can sign up here.

You bet! 3, 6, and 12-month give plans are available for both U.S. domestic and international people. Each gift comes with a bonus record that is added to the recipient's first shipment.

Gift plans are available here.

Founding Story

Like most great ideas, VMP was born out of a passion for music and a desire for something that didn’t exist.

Launched in 2013, VMP’s founding team — consisting of Matt Fiedler, Tyler Barstow, and Cameron Schaefer — saw an opportunity to create a new kind of music service. Streaming was on the rise and, as avid music fans, the three saw the benefits of the new format, but couldn’t help feeling like something was missing. Thinking back to the days of reading liner notes, looking through photos of the bands they admired, and endlessly studying lyrics of the songs they loved, they longed for a deeper, more rich music experience that digital formats simply couldn’t provide.

Originally launched as a record of the month club, VMP was designed to give customers a tangible and focused music experience. The service offered one record per month and was shipped alongside custom art prints and cocktail pairing recipes to encourage a full-sensory experience. Since then, VMP has grown in popularity with 30k+ members, 3 different subscription tracks, an online magazine, and an evolving online store that features more than 300 additional exclusive offerings. VMP has quickly risen to become one of the largest vinyl retailers, thereby shifting the landscape of the modern music industry.

Today the company is focused on continuing to expand its reach and improving its core offering, while creating new and unique opportunities for members of its community to experience music more deeply.

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