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Damages and Returns

We put a lot of pride into our products and ensuring your experience with VMP is nothing short of remarkable. We hope every record shows up in pristine condition, but there may be times when you’ll receive something that isn’t quite up to snuff. Here are the most common types of damages and our general process for handling them.

Most common issues

Issues affecting sound quality or playback including:

  • Scratches or scuffs that cause your needle to skip
  • Excessive noise, whooshes, or pops
  • Significant warpage
  • Locked grooves that prevent the needle from advancing beyond a certain point

We prioritize these issues and will send replacements when necessary (and while stock is available).

Some of these things are normal and are not considered to be damaged. If you are ever unsure, please email us and we’ll help determine what’s normal and what’s not.

Cosmetic issues including:

  • Seam splits (on the jackets or internal sleeves)
  • Dinged or bent corners
  • Miscellaneous print defects and other imperfections

While a bummer to get things with minor cosmetic damages, we generally do not send full replacements for these types of issues (unless it is severe).

How we approach replacements
Most everything we produce is limited in quantity so we, unfortunately, are unable to replace everything. That said, we do hold back some stock to send as replacements when warranted.

Generally speaking, we will replace things when the playback is impacted, or if cosmetic damage is severe (meaning, if something is crushed or damaged in multiple places).

How to request a replacement

If you receive something that is damaged and would like to request a replacement, please submit a replacement request through this form:

Once received, we will review and get back to you with next steps.

Return Policy
Sometimes you might receive a record that is not to your liking (outside of damages). While we hope that you can give the album a couple of listens before making your verdict, we, unfortunately, do not accept returns on any of our records.

Damages + Returns FAQ’s

I received a record that, after listening to, I no longer want. What are my options?
As mentioned above, we do not accept returns, so we ask that you give the record a couple more spins. We pride ourselves on selecting great albums we think our members should have in their record collection. If you absolutely do not want the record in your collection, a few ideas include gifting the record to a fellow vinyl lover, selling it on Discogs (our records usually run for 25% higher than MSRP), or trading it in at a local record store. 

I received a damaged record and requested a replacement. Should I return the damaged copy?
Go ahead and just hold onto the extra copy, and keep us posted on how the replacement copy is once you receive it. 

I was sent the wrong record. Is there a return label that I can receive to send them back?
While this rarely happens, sometimes you may receive the wrong record or one that you never ordered. No need to panic! Send an email over to, and we will make it right.

As far as the records received in error, just hold onto them, on us. This is one of those times where the members get to benefit off of our mistakes :)

I meant to cancel my account but I was too late and still received a record! Can I return the record for a full refund?
Unfortunately, once orders are processed (around the 2nd of each month) we are unable to issue a refund. Regardless, we're more than happy to help you cancel your account moving forward if you email us at

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