Stevie Nicks' debut album is a dual-edged sword wielded by one of the most singular figures in rock and commanding voices in music history. Italian for “beautiful woman,” belladonna is also a plant, and a deadly one at that. The plant gets its name from Renaissance Italy, where women used it to increase their pupil size for a more enchanting appearance, but in witchcraft lore, it’s often cited as the poisonous additive to potions and brews. It’s here—amongst the tales of witches she’d long been fascinated by and the adrenaline-inducing stories of undaunted risk and reward—that we find Nicks entranced by her blossoming solo career, and at her most powerful. She features musical icons like Tom Petty and Waddy Wachtel and seizes collaboration with the best artists of the time. The result is a masterpiece that rings wholly with the generation-transcending sound of a woman centering herself.