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VMP Anthology: Miles Davis: The Electric Years

Introducing Miles Davis: The Electric Years, a limited-edition vinyl box set featuring seven albums from one of the most fertile periods of Miles Davis’ career. Starting in 1969 and ending in 1974, these albums changed jazz — and all of modern music — in their wake, and changed Miles, too. For the fourth — or fifth, or sixth? — time in his career, he remade jazz in his own image.

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A year-long celebration of Dolly Parton. This 12-month subscription will tell the story of Dolly's legendary career through 12 of her favorite albums. Sign up today to secure your spot on this once-in-a-lifetime musical journey. Limited quantities available. Shipping begins in April.

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The quintessential self-titled album from Sublime

The living was rarely easy. That much should be obvious. Though it isn’t always, and that’s partly the music’s fault. Sublime was a good-time band, but they generally didn’t write good-time songs. Bradley Nowell sang about people who made bad decisions. Sometimes his characters are aware of this aspect of themselves; oftentimes they aren’t. What they are aware of is that something isn’t quite right. They might investigate it — “Pull over,” Nowell sings from somewhere on the 22 Freeway in “Garden Grove,” “there’s a reason why my soul’s unsound” — but usually they don’t. Usually they try to shake it off, to skank the night away. Every now and then it works. But it often doesn’t.

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'My Tennessee mountain home' is the first album in 'Vinyl me, parton'

Vinyl Me, Please and Dolly Parton are excited to announce a first-of-its-kind monthly record club devoted to the legendary career and peerless catalog of Dolly Parton. Vinyl Me, Parton gives Dolly Parton fans a monthly connection with Dolly’s catalog on vinyl, with 12 Records of the Month spanning the entirety of Dolly’s recording career. Ranging from her debut to some of her recent self-released albums, the 12 albums included in the Vinyl Me, Parton subscription will come on exclusive color vinyl and remastered from the highest quality audio sources. Each quarter will feature a free and exclusive Vinyl Me, Parton merch item as well.

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