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Our Staff Tells You What You Should Check Out In The Store This Month

On August 15, 2017

Every month, we ask a couple members of our staff to recommend a few items we’re carrying in our online store. Think of it like the Staff Picks display in a record store. Here are the picks for our October Store.

Matt, Co-Founder & CEO, Picks:

Jen Cloher: Jen Cloher

I was in Australia with Cameron a few weeks ago for the BIGSOUND festival. We saw some great up-and-coming acts, which I’m sure you’ll hear plenty about in the coming months. But the highlight of the trip was going to the release show for Jen Cloher’s new album in Melbourne. After a week of seeing new bands, some of which were performing for the first time, it was awesome getting to see a truly professional band. Everybody in the band, as well as Courtney Barnett, who is playing guitar with her on tour and played guitar on much of the record, looked be having so much fun. They played a ton of songs off this new record, each one shining through with the crispest live sound I’ve ever heard. It was truly a celebration of not only an amazing record, but an amazing artist. Jen Cloher is one of those artists that you should know about but probably don’t so do yourself a favor and pick it up.

Listen to this podcast episode if you’re still unsure.

Bully: Losing

Bully is a band that I’ve been riding for since their debut release, Feels Like. I’m not quite sure what it is but they seem to be one of those bands that have the whole package — they’ve got the look, they’ve got the sound, they’ve got the energy, and they have a female lead singer who absolutely rips. Feels Like re-inspired a punk/grunge love within me I’d forgotten about. Everything I’ve heard from Losing makes me think that trend is going to continue.

Be sure to catch them on tour as well.

Liam Gallagher: As You Were

My first experience with Liam Gallagher was when I was a young boy and (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? came out. Oasis were playing at the Allstate Arena in Chicago and my mom got my dad tickets to see them. I begged her to bring me with. She did, and all of my childhood dreams were about to be made true until I found out that Noel and Liam had a huge fight right before the show and Liam decided not to perform (so Noel had to cover all of the vocal parts). It sounded awful and I stood in the nose bleeds crying my 13-year-old face off saying it didn’t sound like it should.

But, here we are, nearly 20-years later and Liam is still kicking. He not only has the best Twitter account in the history of internet accounts, but he might be one of the last true rock personas left. His solo debut is a reminder of what was great about Oasis, and a reminder that Rock and Roll might still be alive.

If nothing else, watch Liam complain about how he now has to make his own tea.

Andrew, Head Of Editorial, Picks:

Desmond Dekker: You Can Get It If You Really Want

Desmond Dekker is a legend of ska and rocksteady, and this album was released before he became a superstar internationally thanks to his soundtrack for The Harder They Come. But this album was a smash in Jamaica, thanks to its cover of Jimmy Cliff's title track, which Desmond sings with a hurried hum, unlike Cliff's more laid back original. The rest of the album is a must-own for a person interested in the intertwined legacies of ska and reggae. This is the first reissue since 1970, and you can't even hear this one on Spotify. Take the plunge on this.

Glen Campbell: Rhinestone Cowboy

In some ways, the world had been preparing for Glen Campbell's death longer than any famous musician. His battle with Alzheimer's was very public--he toured with the help of monitors, and was the central subject of the devastating documentary on him--but the country world still mourned when he passed in August. We're carrying Rhinestone Cowboy as a way for you to get caught up if you're not familiar; Glen was a clever, heart-on-sleeve performer, and this is his finest moment as a performer.

Wolf Parade: Cry Cry Cry

I already went long on this for our Album of the Week feature, but know that the non Apologies to Queen Mary Wolf Parade albums are underrated (Expo 86 in particluar) and this one picks up where they left off in a very good way. Reward the comeback albums that rule.

High on Fire: Blessed Black Wings

We haven't done a metal exclusive till now, and we got this album on swamp green vinyl. You need this even if you aren't a metal head; it's a peak of 2000s metal, and if you put this on your turntable, you'll be transported to whatever universe Mad Max happens in. You'll be piloting a semi trailer towing 18 trailers linked together. In the distance, a black dragon screams. You hear the sand shifting under your tires. A volcano explodes to your left. A person wearing a white rhino skull will be bearing down on you riding a motorcycle made out of seven motorcycles held together with the shards of an airplane. On the radio? This album.

Christy, E-Mail Marketing Manager, Picks:

Jamila Woods: HEAVN

This album was everything I needed, and will remain a staple in my collection for the duration of 2017 and well into the future. There’s a sense of comfort that begins as soon as Jamila graces us with her voice that turns into a sense of urgency mixed with angst when you start listening to her words. She brings you into a world of intimacy throughout her 45 minute album that you wish would never end. Ugh. Get the album already!

Mariah Carey: Butterfly

Butterfly was a CD that I popped into my 1999 Chevy Malibu with the windows down and no inhibitions. At the time, I didn’t know what was going on surrounding Butterfly and what it came to represent in Carey’s career. Butterfly is just that – Carey breaking out of her shell, taking more initiative and control over her music and infusing more genres into her work – Carey growing into the free spirit she has always been and is known for.

Amadou & Mariam: La Confusion

I was so psyched when I heard we were getting La Confusion by Amadou & Mariam in the store. Not only is it their first album in several years, but Amadou & Mariam consistently provide a breathe of fresh air with their music that when I heard they were coming out with a new album, I knew I needed to get a listen in. Their music has an undercurrent of warmth and love that will have you grabbing your dancing shoes – a guaranteed good time.


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