By 1973, Herbie Hancock already had both feet planted firmly in the future — some 50 years based on the vast, electronic funk he crafted during this period. How could he have known that this music would soundtrack block parties in the ‘80s and give ground to a burgeoning hip-hop culture? How could a man so steeped in the history of jazz be so untethered to form and genre that he created a sound all his own? Did he envision a world much like we’re living in now, where smartphones dictate our lives and musical compositions co-mingle without adherence to artificial marketing terms? Herbie likely wasn’t that prescient, but I wouldn’t doubt his genius. Based on the interplanetary trance funk of Sextant, his 11th studio album, such foresight wouldn’t be surprising. Then and always, Herbie was the master of the road less traveled. He was the light guiding his peers where they needed to go.