Fabulous Selections

Linda Gerard

Linda Gerard was as singular and powerful as her regal presence so, when we found her 45s and cassette recordings, we worked to release a limited pressing of Linda Gerard: Fabulous Selections. In honor of her tenacious fight against cancer,...

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color Black
label Ace Hotel
release type New release
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1 LP
original release year
33 1/3 RPM
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Linda Gerard was our sailor-mouthed spirit mother. If you never met her, we can tell you that her legendary spirit still guides the tide at Ace Hotel & Swim Club, where she worked as the inimitable Mistress of Ceremonies for bingo nights, led Pride Parades with gusto (she self-identified as an OWL โ€” older, wiser lesbian) and swooned and swore her way indelibly into our souls. Her voice was as singular and powerful as her regal presence so, when we found her analog 45s and cassette recordings from her show-tune Broadway days and beyond, we worked with Larry Crane of Jackpot! Recording Studio to release a limited pressing of 'Linda Gerard: Fabulous Selections.'

Vaulting out of this record is Linda herself โ€” brass softened by a tender joke, oceanic vibrations of every great Broadway star before her and the soaring empowerment of a woman in charge. And her all encompassing, big-hearted love. Linda loved performing and she loved her people even more; itโ€™s how she came to find a place uplifting everyone in Palm Springs and why we hired her on the spot when we met her. In honor of her radiant, irrepressible spirit, her life belting songs in the spotlight and her tenacious fight against cancer, 100% of proceeds from 'Linda Gerard: Fabulous Selections' will benefit MyMusicRx, the flagship program of the Childrenโ€™s Cancer Association.


Fabulous Selections
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