The first three of VMP x Fania titles are available today in the VMP store, and were remasted all analog by Kevin Gray at Cohearant. The first is The Fania All-Stars’ Live At Yankee Stadium 1 & 2, a combining of the two albums recorded during the Fania tour stop in the Bronx. The show is infamous for Fania fans storming the field and breaking barricades, and you can listen to the fiery takes included here and feel that feeling yourself. Here’s a clip from the performance:

The second title is The Hustler by Willie Colon, which Vinyl Me, Please has covered extensively on our Magazine. It’s considered by many to be the “Big Bang” of Salsa, the album that brought the music to the world. Here’s a sampling:

The third title is Alma Con Alma, a joint album between the female star of Fania — Celia Cruz — and the god of the timbales, Tito Puente. Check that title out here:

And finally, at the end of September, Vinyl Me, Please will announce the Classics Record of the Month for October: A reissue of Johnny Pacheco and Celia Cruz's Celia y Johnny. You can learn more about VMP Classics here (sign ups for the Fania title won’t start until September 26). You can buy Willie Colon’s The Hustler here, Live at Yankee Stadium here, and Alma Con Alma here. You can also check out our Fania T-shirt over here.

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