Every month stirs up and serves a new flavor at our nationwide vinyl release parties we call 'The Spins'. With a discovery release like The Books’ “The Lemon of Pink”, November’s events were intended to hit all the senses. As the colorful record spun on turntables in twenty-two cities last night, we also had five venues cater to our palettes with a shaken treat...

The Books music was brought to life by our partner Auchentoshan® Single Malt Scotch Whisky! In LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, and Brooklyn, bartenders mixed the Auchentoshan® Margo Flips cocktail of the month while DJs mixed in ‘The Lemon of Pink’ into their sets. Monster Rally set the stage in LA, featuring The Books and tracks of his new album 'Mystery Cove'. Five cities sharing the full membership experience all at the same time... a series never sounded and tasted so good!

But don’t take our word for it, see some favorite moments of last night’s The Spins below…

Thank you all for making THIS happen last night!

Special thanks to The Living Room, The Bedford, The Woods, The Know Where Bar, Mr. Tipple’s Recording Studio

Photographers: Da Black Swan + Clark Terrell + Brittany NOFOMO

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