The Spins

The Spins

A Nationwide Listening Party

When asking ourselves, “How can we get our members together in a community in real life and not only in the digital world?”, our members inspired our solution. We had messages from members about inviting friends over to listen to the monthly album and other shared stories about members proactively creating the cocktail of the month at home to serve to guests- to support that bond over music and the community it fosters, we launched The Spins!

The Spins takes place once a month, on the same night, at venues all across the nation! Follow @thespinsvmp on Twitter to join the community.

Watch Desuana, our NYC VMP Ambassador, take you through a night at The Spins!

Get Involved

Become a Spins Ambassador

We often get asked by both members and non-members about how they can get involved with VMP, and now we have the answer– our Brand Ambassador Program. We are stoked to start expanding our team, and want you to be a part of it.

We’ll welcome you to the fam with a VMP Swag Bag and keep the deal sweet with additional benefits (free drinks, vinyl, and exclusive access to special offers) during, and after The Spins.

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How can I get involved by hosting a Spins event?

One of the best aspects about The Spins is the community it fosters. When choosing to host The Spins, you’re becoming a part of the Vinyl Me, Please family.

By participating in The Spins, you are both strengthening your relationship with your local community and helping grow a global community of dedicated music lovers and event goers. As a participating venue, you receive free product for the evening from VMP, a VMP Brand Ambassador to help you throughout the evening, and tons of promotion: pre, during, AND post event.

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Can my company sponsor The Spins?

The Spins is a great opportunity for your brand to raise awareness within your key markets and/or tap into new markets and new venues, while aligning with amazing artists and music community.

The Spins series is an unique model. It provides brand awareness across 20+ venues in key cities all on the same night, reaching 80+ people per venue in an intimate way. All participating venues and sponsors become part of a larger month-long THE SPINS event campaign around the artists (email blasts, social posts, marketing efforts, PR efforts). Each THE SPINS event is customized to best cater to the venue and city, making it a memorable night for each guest and not a blanketed approach.

Within the 20+ city series model, Vinyl Me, Please has noted 6 key markets in which we always host and have a strong membership base:

  • NY & Brooklyn
  • LA
  • Austin
  • Denver
  • Chicago
  • Seattle

Partner with us in any, or all the 20+ markets! Email us for more information!

Can my brand sponsor your cocktail of the month?

If you are a liquor brand interested in being inside the homes of an engaged, dedicated audience, that’s where we come in.

Every month our members receive a record wrapped in a customized jacket. Printed on this jacket is a cocktail recipe with a crafted description of how it pairs with the album, encouraging members to make the cocktail at home. Your brand has full reign on creating the cocktail and pairing it to the album.

Email us for more information!