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Our Staff On What You Should Check Out In The Store This Month

On August 15, 2017

Every month, we ask a couple members of our staff to recommend a few items we’re carrying in our online store. Think of it like the Staff Picks display in a record store. Here’s the picks for our September Store.

Matt, Head of Marketing, Picks:

Mogwai: Every Country's Sun

With their new record, Every Country’s Sun, you immediately recognize that Mogwai has been at this for 20 years. They are still experimenting, this time with some vocals and many more electronic bleeps and bloops. In the end, they still make great post rock and all you need to do is play the song “Old Poisons” to be transported back 20 years to a time when they would pummel you with their brand of noise.

Chelsea Wolf: Hiss Spun

Having been a pretty big fan since Pain is Beauty, I have been looking forward to this release for the past few months. Knowing that she is working with guys from Converge and Queens of the Stone age, I am hoping for a record that balances her perfect dark melancholy with moments of metal energy. Based on the first few singles-- “16 Psyche” and “The Culling”-- I’m sure she is going to deliver.

Superfood: Bambino

Superfood are a new band to me. Since I discovered them, I have been listening fairly obsessively. As the days are getting shorter and the evenings more chilly, I end up listening wishing this record had come out months ago. It is summer pop perfection; it’s got some college rock, some quirky samples, and some reggae bounce to it. If you don’t get hooked in the first three tracks and find your head bouncing and toes tapping you might be dead inside.

Alex G, Social Media Manager, Picks:

Shannon Lay: Living Water

Shannon Lay is the first release on Kevin Morby's imprint with Woodsist, Mare. It's new and old at the same time. I can't wait to spin this album when the winter blues hit.

Twin Peaks OST

As always, the soundtrack to Season 3 of Twin Peaks was awesome! Our hearts broke each time a shot of the roadhouse appeared because it meant we had to wait until next week for the story to continue. However, the musical acts at the end of the show were on point! Every song always revolved around dreams, a clue perhaps?

I'm only a tiny bit disappointed that the Muddy Magnolia's remix of "American Woman" didn't make it on the record. It sounded like Nine Inch Nails and it was extremely eerie how seamless the lyrics lined up with the story. For example, when we first see Bud Cooper and you hear "Hell will freeze over and I'll be damned/ 'Fore I take orders from any ol' man". Ugh, I could go on about this forever. Make sure to listen to it anyway.

The Juju Exchange: Exchange

Exchange is a splendid mash up of jazz, electronic, hip hop, r&b and the list could go on. It's the fall/winter album of my dreams.

Emily, Community & Events Manager, Picks:

Cut Copy: Haiku From Zero

Live performances totally alter my perspective of artists (all of my picks have to do with a live show, lol). After seeing them steal the show from Chromeo at Red Rocks I’ve been completely hooked. I dare you to buy this album and try to not dance while listening.

Odesza: A Moment Apart

I saw Odesza at a small 200 person venue in Denver after their first album was released, and was hooked ever since. They are the soundtrack to my golden college days, and for that they will always have a special place in my heart. In A Moment Apart they strike a balance between EDM and uplifting Pop.

Alex Cameron: Forced Witness

Slick back your hair and get your leather jacket ready. I caught his set at SXSW and felt like I had hopped in a time machine to 1985. The commitment to their ‘80s vibe has won me over as a fan for life.


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