BADBADNOTGOOD’s fourth album, the 43rd Record of the Month in Vinyl Me, Please Essentials in July 2016, has been collected by more than 3,800 people on Discogs.

9. My Morning Jacket: Z

My Morning Jacket’s Z was the Vinyl Me, Essentials album one month after BADBADNOTGOOD’s IV, in August 2016. It’s collected on Discogs by just 100 copies more than IV.

8. Nina Simone: Nina Simone Sings The Blues

Number 48 in Vinyl Me, Please Essentials, arriving in December 2016, Nina Simone Sings The Blues has been collected more than 4,000 times on Discogs.

7. Beck: Odelay

Beck’s Odelay was one of the most hotly received Essentials titles, arriving in October 2016. It’s been collected by 4,700-plus people on Discogs.

6. Black Sabbath: Paranoid

Coming 11 months earlier than Odelay in November 2015, Black Sabbath’s Paranoid has been collected by just 21 more Discogs users than Beck’s magnum opus.

5. Weezer: Pinkerton

Weezer’s Pinkerton, until numbers one and two on this list, was the biggest single month Essentials Record, arriving in May 2016 to our members. It’s been collected by just under 5,000 people on Discogs, edged out by an album that came a month sooner.

4. Notorious B.I.G.: Ready To Die

The most recent album on this list, our reissue of Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready to Die, came out in September of 2017. Despite its recent release, its been collected almost 5,100 times on Discogs.

3. The Fugees: The Score

5,200 people have added the Fugees’ The Score to their Discogs, making the April 2016 Essentials pick the third most collected Vinyl Me, Please release on Discogs.

2. Fiona Apple: Tidal

More than 5,500 people have added Fiona Apple’s Tidal — which came out on vinyl for the first time ever via Essentials in May 2017 — to their Discogs, which makes sense since it was one of the two biggest Essentials albums we’ve released.

1. Gorillaz: Demon Days

By a fairly big margin, Gorillaz’s Demon Days is the number one most collected Vinyl Me, Please album on Discogs. More than 6,800 people have added the album to their collection on Discogs, which makes some sense: It’s the only album we’ve sold out of on the first day.

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