Anthem Of The Sun is not a live album. Nor is it a studio album. It is truly a hybrid, unprecedented at the time and never replicated. It is both types of album and was created through genius production techniques, exceptional musicianship and inspiration. 
There were two versions of Anthem Of The Sun and also of Aoxomoxoa, the Dead’s 1969 follow-up to Anthem. ... The original mix [of Anthem] was muddier, but to my ears this was part of its draw. It worked well with the live vibe the Dead brought to their second studio album. Now, after over 20 years of listening to both mixes quite equally, I feel they complement one another perfectly. There’s plenty of room in the sonic landscape to hear both mixes and appreciate them both for their subtle, and not-so-subtle, differences. 
This new Vinyl Me, Please slab of wax is the original mix and a rare opportunity to hear the 1968 intention mastered from the original analog tape. There’s always a lot to be excited about in the Grateful Dead world, and this is certainly one of those things.”