"Johnnie Taylor had the vocal talents, but he was seeking a voice to call his own. Before arriving at Stax in 1966, he had already soared among the greatest stars of the gospel music world and even had a taste of secular hits. He’d proven his charisma, had established his star qualities — all he lacked was an identity. Despite his achievements, he was often mistaken for another R&B hitmaker with a similar first name, Little Johnny Taylor. He was also confused with emerging superstar Sam Cooke. Where the story of 1967’s 'Wanted One Soul Singer' starts, he was an artist seeking a home. 'Wanted One Soul Singer' established firm footing for Johnnie Taylor’s definition of himself. It paved the way for him, and the next year he’d release the single "Who’s Making Love," which became Stax’s biggest-selling single to date (more than "Dock of the Bay"!)."