"It’s nearly impossible to write about Gábor Szabó and his guitar playing without slipping into something like trying to describe what a ghost looks like to someone who’s unfamiliar with ghosts. You end up using words like “sorcery” and “bewitching” and “haunting” that make his albums sound like a tape of Halloween sounds. It’s hard, increasingly since his death in 1982 at age 45, to separate the mortal man from the ethereal spirit of his music. And it’s the hardest to do so in relation to his 1968 masterpiece 'Dreams.' 'Dreams' is an album that feels like it emanates from your brainstem, somewhere between ASMR and a tumbling psychotropic fugue state that you never want to leave. It remains as left-field as it was upon release 52 years ago; nothing before or since has captured its blend of Hungarian folk, jazz, pop and chamber music."