"'Hell Hath No Fury' remains as Clipse’s premier body of work that captured their perspectives on their past lives. With its straight-edged narration and often grizzly details, mixed with The Neptunes mission to make production that transcended the trappings of the streets, the album shattered expectations of what “drug rap” sounds like. In essence, they established a new sound, a new genre, that countless artists have tried to recreate in the time since its release. The duality of the brothers’ approach to rapping about cocaine elevated an already lean collection of songs into essential listening for anyone interested in trekking the growth of the mind over the course of young adulthood. From top to bottom, 'Hell Hath No Fury' positions itself as a call to action and appreciation for cocaine dealers, as well as a dizzying exhibition of what can be accomplished when you leave cocaine behind for something bigger."