So long, farewell, auf wierdersehen, goodbye.

We're bummed to see you go. Can you help us improve by telling us why?

We hear you. While a multi-month membership saves you money in the long run, we offer a month-to-month option with flexibility to stop and go as you please. Perhaps you'd like to change your term length.

Oof. There's nothing that hurts our hearts more than mistreated records. We will replace anything that is damaged, simply contact our Customer Success Team.

We get it. Music is deeply personal and we understand the curation of our Essentials track may not be for everyone. We also offer Rap & Hip-Hop and Classics Tracks, if rap, blues, or jazz are your passions. Learn more about Tracks.

Bummer! Did you know you can SWAP this month's record for another that you know you'll like? Try it Now.

No sweat. It can be difficult to keep up on subscription renewal dates. If you enjoyed the selection of records sent to you during your gift membership, perhaps you'd like to explore other membership options.

We hear you: waiting around for new records is a bummer. Lots of VMP members stay engaged throughout the month by connecting on social media or attending real life events. We'd love for you to join the fun!

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