Jackie Cohen

L.A.-based Jackie Cohen makes music that sounds like the broken nexus between Fleetwood Mac, Harry Nilsson, and Nancy Sinatra. She was a VMP Rising artist in November, 2018. You can read our interview with her here, and check out her music below.

Dreamer Boy

An enchanting journey through the spoils of youth and romance, told from the digitized frontlines of a Nashville boy's heart. The Auto-Tune swirls around subs and electric strums, transporting the listener to the center of desire in bloom. Prime for gathering under backyard starlight, roaming through suburban sprawl, dozing longingly at the ceiling.

Ivy Sole

Daughter of Charlotte gone Illadelph, yet full of life. Black Queer Radical as molded by the Soulquarians as she was the blog era, channeling vulnerability to forge new visions of rap and neo-soul. She speaks of life and limb with a gentle urgency, asking questions of love, of country, of what forever means.

Melanie Faye

The poster child for the ability of the World Wide Web to bring talent to the center, 20-year-old viral Nashville guitarist Melanie is an undeniable and nothing short of magic. Her style translates even the most unexpected tracks — everything from Mariah Carey to Brockhampton — into fluid lyrical guitar that stops you dead in your tracks, whether you’re scrolling on the timeline or strolling through a showcase.

Miya Folick

Since getting featured as our rising artist in November 2017, Folick’s only furthered the capacity of her her tenderly controlled battle cries and piercing lyricism. The L.A. singer theatrically shatters open what an indie pop track looks like over and over again, and we get to dance to it.

Ric Wilson

Creator of Soul Bounce: a progressive twist on the roots of Black music, fusing rap and dance and blues in these Chicago hues. The praxis: an unraveling of self in the name of growth, fawning over a fading youth and pining for a new tomorrow. The practice: an introduction to seeking one's liberation via formation of a Soul Train line in a tundra.

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