When pressing plants press a color variant — say, the 1000 units of Beck’s Hyperspace that we ordered — they often press more than our order, to account for any defects that can rise in the vinyl-making process. Those defects could range from anything to warps, to the center label being put on off-center, to the stamper not pressing the entire album, to any number of a million things that could go wrong when you convert soundwaves to a puck of PVC.

When the plant packages up the 1000, or 500, or 300 units of a color exclusive, there are sometimes leftovers, lonely discs that do not have a numbered jacket to be paired with. At that point, a number of things can happen: the vinyl can get recycled, or, it could be put into a standard jacket — sans the stamped number that tells you it’s a Vinyl Me, Please exclusive — and given back to the label for them to decide what to do with.

In the case of the 22 albums now available in the store again for the last time, we’ve bought back these units, in order to offer them to you, our loyal members. These are the same color vinyl as our editions, just without the stamped and numbered jacket. So, head over here and get any of these unnumbered, previously sold out titles. Check out the Jamila Woods especially; it was one of our best albums of 2019.

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