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Videogame Playlist: Pokemon Go

On July 21, 2016

by John Lora


It hardly took a day for Pokémon GO to sweep the smartphone nation and bring our previously lukewarm ‘90s nostalgia to a boil. From when you first picked Squirtle, Charmander, or Bulbasaur back in Pokémon Blue/Red, your dreams of a world filled with Pokémon have always been met with a harsh reality. Our world was just never as cool as it was in those tiny screens: horses don’t have manes of fire, one mole can’t suddenly evolve into three moles, giant tortoises don’t have enormous water cannons on their backs (unless someone put them there…don’t do that), and mice can’t shoot lightning. Finally, Pokémon GO has managed to make this world a little less boring by bringing Pokémon into it. Using a little bit of magic (or technology or whatever), you can see Pokémon in the real world, catch them with Pokéballs, and store them in your Pokédex/phone. All it takes is movement.

If you want to catch ‘em all, you’re going to have to use your feet a little more than your thumbs. It may seem less appealing than a couch, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping people from getting up and gaming on the go. You can even meet up with friends to do it. Gather up the troops to circle a few blocks, farm some PokéStops, and conquer a Gym (the Pokémon-kind, not the exercise-kind). While you and your friends are busy becoming Pokémon masters, you’re probably going to want a carefully selected array of music to soundtrack your ascent to greatness. Well, you have conveniently come to the right place. This playlist will capture the atmosphere with fun, upbeat, and triumphant songs that resonate with your inner Pokémon master (and your walking-shoes). So here it is, the playlist that will take you on a Magikarpet ride, whether you Ashed for it or not (I couldn’t help myself). Phone battery, don’t fail me now.


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