Read Pharoahe Monch's Foreword For Our Edition Of Breaking Atoms

The Legendary Underground MC On The Album, Which He Went To Find At A Record Store In 1991

On January 19, 2017
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"In the 90’s, Hip-Hop culture included a collective of what would be viewed today as an insane group of people who weren't afraid to leave their homes. We would gather, communicate, and browse through tangible 12-inch pieces of vinyl in record stores (although now, I understand this as being a peculiar act to fathom). Not only did we purchase new music in these long-forgotten establishments, but we also engaged with one another in heated discussions about the past, present, and future of this growing culture that we were a part of.

  • I was inspired. The bridges and tempo changes on, "Peace Is Not The Word To Play" was a revolutionary step change. Oh, and excuse me, have I yet to mention the legendary introduction of one Nasir Jones on "Live At The BBQ?"

How did they make the international connections between the group’s two DJs, Sir Scratch and K-Cut from Toronto, and Queens’ own Large Professor? As a matter of fact, who even used two DJ’s?

I was totally blown away by the album as a whole. At that moment in 1991, I knew immediately that I was listening to an instant classic. Which brings me full circle: having the honor of being considered to write a foreword for this, the 25th anniversary of a pivotal piece of art that’s ingrained in my heart and the history of Hip-Hop forever. — Main Source Breaking Atoms."

-- Pharoahe Monch, Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Queens, New York

Profile Picture of Pharaohe Monch
Pharaohe Monch

Pharaohe Monch is a rap artist based in Queens, New York.

$42 $31
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