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Update On Our Queen Reissue

On November 6, 2018

Vinyl Me, Please members:

We wanted to let you know that due to a printing error, your Queen A Night At The Opera vinyl package will be delayed approximately 3-4 weeks. This is disappointing & frustrating for us, as we know it will be for you, and we'd like to offer our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience.

Our goal is, and has always been, to build an amazing service for you and to deliver the best possible experience every month. We are working diligently with our print partners to reprint the jackets, repackage the records, and get these records to you as quickly as possible. There is a more detailed explanation of the print error and what we're doing to fix it pasted below. But first a few important details...

-- If you ordered anything from our store, or subscribe to any additional Tracks, those records will still ship to you this week. We started packing these orders today and expect to have everything shipped by the middle of next week. Like always, you will get an email with tracking information once your order ships.

--We'll send regular emails to keep you updated with the status of your order. We'll also keep this blog post updated with all new information as we have it.

--We are working to get your Queen record shipped out to you as soon as possible. Currently, we are estimating it will ship by 11/30 (hopefully sooner).

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach our support team by emailing with any feedback. We appreciate having you as a customer and we find great pride serving you each month.

Thank you for your understanding

A more detailed explanation of the print error:

The error is a mispositioning of the artist and album name on the front cover of the record jacket. Prior to going to print, a digital proof was approved by VMP, the printer, and the label. After the proof was approved, and after the jackets were set for production, the print file was corrupted, resulting in the positioning of the text to shift up by approximately 1". Unfortunately, this was not caught until after the records had been produced (despite being reviewed by multiple people in the production chain), we received the inventory, and announced the record.

We have already begun the process of producing new jackets with the proper text placement. Over the coming days, those jackets will be delivered to our warehouse where we will repack the records with the new jackets. Once complete, we will ship them to you (with no cost to you) separately. We will be doing this for approximately 20,000 records so we appreciate your patience in this process. We are currently estimating they will be shipped by 11/30, hopefully sooner.

This is an error that many people probably wouldn't notice, but is incorrect nonetheless. As a company, we pride ourselves in putting our high quality product and a defect like this directly contradicts our company value of details are everything. Our QA process is rigorous and there are many safeguards to prevent things like this. However, we take full responsibility for this error and have already updated our QA process to include an additional level of approval before going to print.

Update 11/7: We've had a lot of people ask: No, we will not be shipping you the missprint jacket as well.

Update 11/14: Orders have started being processed. Swaps are now closed.

Update 11/20: Currently, we are still estimating these records will ship by 11/30. Please read below for an update on this process.

Last week, the records were picked up from our warehouse and delivered to a facility in Long Island. The new jackets are en route to the same facility and are expected to arrive starting today.

This week, our team will begin deconstructing the records and repacking them with the updated print work. Currently, we are still on track to start shipping the records early the week of 11/26 and expect to have everything shipped by 11/30.

To move things along as quickly as possible, we began processing orders Tuesday (11/13) afternoon. If you signed up, or were an active member before then, your Swap window is now closed. If you signed up after that, it’s likely that your order has not yet been processed, which means you can still Swap Queen for something else. Just follow these steps to do so.

Any non-Queen orders are continuing to ship on their regular cadence. There is a manual process associated with separating Queen orders from non-Queen orders, which would explain any delay in the processing of those orders. As always, you will receive tracking information once your order(s) have shipped.

A few people have requested that we ship their Queen record with their December record. While we appreciate the request, given the nature of the logistics behind this process, we are unable to accommodate those requests. Plus, this record is too badass to delay any further.

Update 11/26: Last week, most of the updated print work was delivered to the facility in Long Island and the last of it was received this morning. The records are already in the process of being repacked and will ship starting tomorrow. There are approximately 20,000 records in total and we have the ability to ship roughly 5,000 records per day. We are prioritizing international orders to ship first, followed by domestic orders. Barring any further delays, your record will ship no later than Friday 11/30. Tracking information should be emailed to you the day after your record has left the warehouse, though records shipped on Friday may not get tracking until Monday 12/3.

We will be announcing our December ROTMs tomorrow, and those will begin shipping (along with any store orders) early next week from our normal warehouse in North Carolina. If your membership is set to renew in December, you will still get ‘A Night At the Opera’ (Nov ROTM) whether you chose to renew in December or not (to get the Dec ROTMs).

Update 12/5: Almost all of our Queen records have now shipped out to current members! Emails with tracking information are currently in the process of being sent. Brand new members who signed up after 11/27 will have their orders shipped next week, as soon as the remaining records are sent back to our regular fulfillment center. We're so excited for you to spin this record, and appreciate everyone's patience with the unplanned delay.

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