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VMP Interview with Prides

On June 8, 2015

picture via Vanyaland

Prides is a band based in Glasgow, Scotland. The band consists of Stewart Brock, Callum Wiseman, and Lewis Gardner. Earlier this year, they released the song “Out of the Blue,” and since then, have played some well known UK festivals, and seen some BBC Radio airplay. I was lucky enough to hear about them through a friend, and haven’t been able to stop listening to “Out of the Blue,” or their brilliant cover of Katy Perry’s “Roar,” which they recorded live on Radio Scotland’s Vic Galloway show. Here’s a little Q&A I had with them.

VMP: Stewart and Lewis, you were previously Midnight Lion. How did you come to know Callum and put Prides together? Also, outside of Blood Relatives, are any of you working with any other projects right now?

P: Callum was actually the flatmate of a mutual friend. We were looking for someone to sing and play keys with us live, and Callum seemed like the obvious candidate so we asked him. Prides really came about when we brought him into the writing process, he’s our Captain Hook.

Myself (Stewart) and Callum have played a little live with Giant Fang (our pal Doug) and he has a few great singles out. Lewis has been involved with production with a few people, most notably Eilidh Hadden (

VMP: What was the first band/song you heard that made you really want to be in a band yourself?

P: Blink 182 most definitely. Both ‘All The Small Things’ and 'What’s My Age Again?’ hit at a time that completely changed how I saw music. Everything about them, the music, the videos. I went straight out and bought a guitar, started a punk band, that was it.

VMP: What is your dream tour line-up (if you could play with any three bands of your choice, which bands would they be?)

P: Ok, for me personally I think it would have to be Kate Bush, because she is incredibly inspiring, and I would love to watch her live. Hounds of Love is still one of my favourite albums of all time. Also Fleetwood Mac, because who has more tunes than Fleetwood Mac. And Beastie Boys. Best line up ever.

VMP: Outside of music, what are you non-music related passions?

P: Well we have a physicist, a golfer and a photographer. I’ll let you guess who is who.

Also Netflix.

VMP: What are your current favourite five songs? What songs would make it into your all-time top five (or ten?)

P: Currently we’re listening to:

    1. Lady GaGa feat R Kelly - Do What You Want

    1. Joywave - Tongues

    1. Arcade Fire - Here Comes The Night Time

    1. Drake - Hold On, We’re Going Home

    1. Ourselves

Favourite of all time; (just a selection, obviously there are loads!)


    1. The Cure - Friday I’m In Love

    1. Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street

    1. Lauryn Hill - Ex Factor


    1. The Cure - Close To Me

    1. The Beatles - Something

    1. Roxy Music - More Than This


Doesn’t listen to music.

VMP: What record/CD was the first one you remember purchasing yourself? And do you remember which record shop it was?

P: It was Hanson Mmm Bop, and I’m pretty sure it was from the WH Smith on the high street.

VMP: What album is your top start-to-finish record? I have a few myself… Urban Hymns by the Verve, and Given to the Wild by the Maccabees.

P: Well, I’ve already mentioned Hounds of Love, which is a big influence on me. Also Tears For Fears - Songs From The Big Chair, and Peter Gabriel - So. They are all albums that I would happily listen to right now. Also honourable mention to Toto - Toto IV. That was on heavy car rotation for a long time. So many tunes. Lewis is throwing Hello Nasty by The Beastie Boys into the ring.

VMP: What are the top five songs would you do at a karaoke bar?

P: I try not to do karaoke, but maybe some Beatles, or some Springsteen. Or Careless Whisper. Obviously.

VMP: You’ve played a few festivals this year, and had quite a bit of love from BBC Radio, and even some promo spots.. what, as a band, would you like to add to this list this time next year?

P: More of the same! We’re just eager to get out and play as many shows as we can. We were really lucky with festivals this year, and I’d love to have another busy summer, get some releases under our belts and see where we go.

VMP: When can we expect another single release? Or even another Katy Perry cover?

P: We do have a deep and meaningful love for KP, so I wouldn’t rule out another cover at some point. As far as our own stuff goes the plan is to get a track out before the end of the year and follow that up with an EP next year.

VMP: Your cover of ‘Roar’ was spot on amazing. I haven’t forced it on anyone who hasn’t liked it. If you could cover another song of the same fame, which one would it be?

P: That was an easy choice for us because it’s quite obviously a massive pop song. We’d have a bash at anything really, I wouldn’t mind trying Wrecking Ball by Miley. I reckon we’d kill that.

VMP: Since Vinyl Me, Please is a vinyl subscription club, here’s our vinyl related question. If you could choose next months album for our subscribers, which one would it be? Recent monthly choices have been “White Lighter,” from Typhoon, “Victim of Love,” from Charles Bradley, and Japandroids “Celebration Rock.”

P: Lady GaGa - ARTPOP

VMP: If you could pick one book or movie that you think Prides music would be a soundtrack for, what would that be?

P: Big or The Breakfast Club. 80’s feel good films tinged with bitter sadness. That’s us.

VMP: And, since everyone around seems to have one television series they can’t go without watching… what’s your favourite new (or old) series out there?

P: It’s too easy to put Breaking Bad so we won’t. House, Seinfield, Heroes (Series One only), Parks and Rec, The Office (British and American), Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ray Donovan. There’s too many. It’s a wonder we get anything done.

Videos from Pride:


"Out of the Blue (Live)"

"Seeds You Sow"


Twitter: @pridesband


*Victoria Sanders (@VeeSanders) has her finger on everything music.  Currently working with multiple artists via Bluestocking Agency, "Vee” as she is known on the streets of Chicago, has a deep love for ensuring the best tunes reach the ears of the people.  This is the first of many interviews she’ll be doing for VMP, a fact about which we couldn’t be more happy.


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