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Our Favorite Vinyl Releases of the Week (8/12/15)

On August 12, 2015

The following is a brief list of our favorite vinyl releases from this week. To ignore these records is to ignore the future of your collection:

Health – Death Magic

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Typically when you think of health you don’t think of death magic, but in this case you should because that’s the name of Health’s new record. The album opens like a Christopher Nolan film and just gets better over roughly 39 minutes of grunge-ish electro-rock hell bent on reminding all of us that things very well may not be getting any better. A helpful reminder to be sure and, with songs titled things like “DRUGS EXIST”, it’s not the only helpful reminder on the album. They’re what my mom would call “angry, sarcastic young men” and we love them for it. You probably will to.

Ultimate Painting – Green Lanes

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I won’t get into what I think the ultimate painting would entail, but I will get into the band called Ultimate Painting and why they’re awesome. Simply put, Ultimate Painting is kind of like the jet skis of bands. It’s impossible to feel bad listening to them, and they make a surprising number of situations better. You’ll probably like this band if you like Courtney Barnett or drinking rum colas while lathered up with Banana Boat. We give it two sunscreeney handshakes of cheerful support.

Titus Andronicus – The Most Lamentable Tragedy

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Just as Titus Andronicus the Shakespearean play was wildly popular with 16th century audiences, Titus Andronicus the band is wildly popular with both the VMP staff and the general populace in our current day and age. We think of every Titus Andronicus release as being invited to a party that you actually want to go to, and we pat ourselves on the back for that because that’s exactly what it’s like. This is rock and roll comfort food as it’s very finest, and it belongs on your turntable’s plate post haste.


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