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Let Our Staff Tell You What To Buy In The VMP Store This Month

On August 15, 2017

Every month, we ask a couple members of our staff to recommend a few items we’re carrying in our online store. Think of it like the Staff Picks display in a record store. Here are the picks for our October Store.

Cam, Head Of Music, Picks:

Timothy McNealy: Funky Movement

Last March we held a pop-up vinyl shop with my good friend and founder of Now Again records, Eothen Alapatt. He mentioned he'd spent 3 days in Dallas buying a bunch of stuff out of one of his favorite funk musicians personal record collection. The person turned out to be Dallas funk legend Timothy McNealy. Formerly a keyboardist for Bobby Patterson's Mustangs band, he went solo in 1970 and formed his own label -- Shawn. He only put out two 7"s under his label, an A/B cover of Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin On?" b/w "I Am Glad You're Mine" by Al Green followed by his own "Funky Movement No. 2." The lo-fi recordings have been collector's gems for decades and now finally Eothen has worked with McNealy to put out a compilation of original recordings for the first time. For lover's of deep funk and soul, this will be the heat that keeps you warm this winter.

Lion: "You've Got A Woman" 7-inch

Patrick and Alaina from Tennis played this for me in a Denver dive bar about a year ago, and I was quickly convinced it was one of the greatest songs ever made. I went to work to track down other material by the band, active in the mid '70s in The Netherlands, only to find out months later that Whitney had covered it and that Numero had found the original owner and was putting it on a 7". Regardless of everyone seeming to discover this obscure 1975 release at the same time in 2016, it remains one of my favorite songs.

Exploded View: Summer Came Early EP

Exploded View released my favorite album of 2016, and now they're back with the perfect dark fall night EP. UK-born, Berlin-based musician/singer Anika (formerly of Beak>) rejoins her Mexico-city based band to make layered, dark guitar, experimental music that makes me want to open up an after hours bar just so I can have this on loop.

Amileah, Editorial Assistant, Picks:

Little Simz: Stillness In Wonderland

Stillness in Wonderland is a brilliant, distorted Alice in Wonderland-inspired concept album that showcases the insane bars of the most underrated rapper right now, British artist Little Simz. As Kendrick [said]( in 2015 Little Simz is “might be the illest doing it now.” Kendrick’s never wrong, and it’s true two years later. DO NOT sleep on Little Simz.

Julien Baker: Turn Out The Lights

I’m not trying to be dramatic, but this album killed me and brought me back to life again. These are some gorgeous Certified Sad Girl Jams® that’ll give you goosies for a full 42 mins straight.

Angel Olsen: Phases

Anyone who’s ever listened to Angel Olsen can tell you the worst thing about Angel Olsen is when her songs end. This B-side compilation is a bit like an early christmas present for Olsen stans, and if the singles—eight-minute “Special,” the lo-fi, home-recorded “Sans,” or the massive, weepy “Fly On Your Wall”—are any indication, it’ll be a real a good present.

Paul, Customer Success Manager, Provider Of Dank Solutions, Picks:

Moody Blues: Days Of Future Passed

My mom showed me this album when I was a small child in the wilds of Suburban Colorado. I hated it. It wasn’t until I grew up a bit, and experienced some life, before I was able to come to the conclusion that "Nights in White Satin" is one of the best songs ever recorded. But the entire journey of this album is well worth it. Cinematic, with awesome narration throughout.

Even A Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973

Well lets start with the obvious; the artwork for this package is outta bounds. I just want to hang the record up because of that. But the music is also amazing. I don’t understand the lyrics, but the music on this folk/rock compilation is so good, that is really doesn’t matter. This one is essential for a cold winter night for sure.

The Pharcyde: Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde 25th Anniversary Edition

Try not cleaning your entire house to this album. You put this on, next thing you know, you are dancing with your vacuum, and scooping that cat poop to the beat and everything. This album just makes you smile, and nod your head. Also it has "Passin me By" on here, which is one of the most classic of hip-hop classics. Don’t let this one…pass you…no, you’re right, I’ll stop.


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