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Middle Kids Made Us An Australian Rock Playlist

The Australian Band Picks Other Music From Down Under You Have To Hear

On May 4, 2018

We've been fans of Middle Kids as far back as their 2016 debut EP--which was one of the first VMP Rising picks ever--and we're big fans of their debut LP, Lost Friends, which you can buy on Vinyl Me, Please exclusive sea glass vinyl right now. To celebrate the release of Lost Friends, which is out today, we asked Middle Kids to make a playlist of Australian bands they think you need to listen to. You can stream that immediately below, and read Middle Kids' commentary below that.

1. Ball Park Music: "Exactly How You Are"

Over the last few years this band has written SO many amazing songs it’s hard to keep track, but this is a recent favourite. Sam’s songwriting and producing is really organic and inspiring. When these guys play live, they sound incredible and they sound like themselves.

**2. Jack Grace: "Row Me Home" **

Jack Grace just put out one of the most beautiful EPs we’ve heard. He can do really stripped back songs like this, as well as extremely innovative electronic stuff. The week this EP came out, we saw him on a train from London to Paris, it was such fun and unexpected coincidence.

**3. Camp Cope: "The Opener" **

This is a powerful song from a powerful group. They play with belief. Even the ascorbic moments in this song have a sweet and understated quality because they seem to come from a vulnerable place. Big respect for this band.

**4. Gang of Youths" "The Heart is a Muscle" **

Some of our oldest friends, these guys are getting huge right now and it’s well earned. One of the funnest nights was playing a festival show with them a few months ago.

**5. Tram Cops: "Even in My Dreams" **

A recent song for an awesome Melbourne-based ‘bedroom producer’ - is that still a term? I feel like I’m writing a blog in 2012. We saw the live show a few months ago and there were some really exciting moments.

**6. Julia Jacklin: "Leadlight" **

Julia Jacklin was the first person to take us out on the road, and for that we are forever grateful. Her voice is timelessly beautiful and everyone cries when she wants them to.

**7. ARSE: "NRVSNRG" **

Jonathan Boulet has been a big inspiration for a lot of DIY and punk bands in Sydney, and this is his new project. In all his projects, the engineering is ridiculously good, and his dark sense of humour shines through.

**8. Cub Sport: "Good Guys Go" **

These guys have some of the most fanatical and fun fans. They walk a cool line between electronic elements and a great live show. Tim’s voice is off chops.

**9. Ruby Fields: "P-Plates" **

P-Plates are a really Australian thing. Basically this song rules because it's about when you first learn to drive and you’re free to be a dumb teenager.

**10. Gordi: "Can We Work it Out" **

Gordi is a genius because she is an amazing artist who does things like record with Bon Iver but she also is a doctor. Like, she saves lives.

11. CLEWS: "Museum"

Brand new band with big vibes.

**12. Alex Lahey: "Every Day's The Weekend" **

Alex is ambitious and rocks hard at her shows. We saw her a few weeks ago and it was great. She does this cool thing where she throws her guitar to someone at the end of her set and they catch it, and she walks off stage. It’s like a stunt.

**13. Gurrumul: "Djolin (Musical Instrument)" **

Gurrumul just topped the charts in Australia (posthumously) with his album completely sung in his indigenous Yolngu tongue. A beautiful soul with incredible ear for arrangement and melody.

You can hear the Middle Kids' debut LP below:


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