This is a deep-dive into the music of my home, the region I come from; in remembrance of the teenage me who used to run around Georgia Avenue, screaming into microphones and dreaming of jumpin' off in the crowd. (I know many of the folks on here, and slid myself in here if you're paying attention.) The DMV now ain't the one I came up in, and that's a beautiful thing. This playlist is extensive, yet nowhere near exhaustive, and that's my intention. DMV rap will never be one thing, and the whole cranks harder than the sum of its parts. Chances are, you'll probably shuffle this shit anyways.

Every month, we update our Rap & Hip Hop playlist so that it features a batch of songs inspired by this month's Rap & Hip Hop Record of the Month. This month, we're featuring Nasty, the breakthrough album from Maryland rapper Rico Nasty. Learn more about Vinyl Me, Please Rap & Hip Hop over here.

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