In this episode of the all-vinyl Stax of Wax presented by Vinyl Me, Please, Mitch takes us on a ride along side the phenomenal jazz organist, Jimmy Smith. We will hear all different sounds and moods coming from the iconic instrument the Hammond B-3 organ. Those who influenced Jimmy Smith's career, played along side him, and those whom he influenced will all be featured in this 12 song set of music. Sit back, pull out some drawbars, and enjoy.

Hosted by Black Circle Radio

Track Listing:

  • Jimmy Smith - If I Were a Bell

  • Wild Bill Davis - Soft Winds

  • Grant Green - I'll Never Fall In Love Again

  • Beastie Boys - Root Down

  • Jimmy Smith - It's a Sin to Tell a Lie

  • Jack McGriff - That Healin' Feelin'

  • Count Basie - Doubling Blues

  • Deep Purple - Hey Joe

  • Jimmy Smith - Blue Berry Hill

  • Johnny Hammond - Breakout

  • Big Jim "H" - The House of the Rising Sun

  • The Nice - For Example

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