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Let Our Staff Tell You What To Buy In The VMP Store This Month

On August 15, 2017

Every month, we ask a couple members of our staff to recommend a few items we’re carrying in our online store. Think of it like the Staff Picks display in a record store. Here are the picks for our January Store.

Andrew, Head Of Editorial, Picks:

Montero: Performer

This is my favorite album of this new year so far; it's like if someone took a shit load of acid and made a Bread album. We got to hear part of this back in August, and I've never been more sure that I was in for something weird once I heard the final product. Montero's comics are amazing too.

Khruangbin: Con Todo El Mundo

This is like being inside of a movie about hunting a prehistoric dinosaur who also has bombass weed, and when you get to him, you find out that he's actually the president of the United States, and he's also your uncle Dave. Or something like that.

Jesse, Office Manager, Picks:

Lee "Scratch" Perry And Subatomic Sound System: Super Ape Returns to Conquer

This album is definitely one for the bass driven generation. The majesty of Perry is still alive and well since the original Super Ape was released forty one years ago taking Jamaica by steamy, tropical storm. This companion album holds true to those classic Black Ark vibes while getting punched with some newly influenced low electronic beats. The boys bring in some outside help on a few tracks, my favorite being "Underground Roots" with Ari Up (The Slits). I almost forgot to breathe listening to this one the dub sound was so fierce. Trust me, the Ape conquers.

Neeru, E-Commerce Manager, Picks:

Nightmares On Wax: Shape The Future

This album feels like a retrospective for all the people that have influenced Nightmares on Wax. It's an expansive soundscape that touches all different types of genres.

Nils Frahm: All Melody

The lush textures and layers of this album make me want to close my eyes and forget where I am. If you like beautiful orchestration and wanna feel some feels this album is for you.

Porches: The House

This is glittering synth-y indie pop at its best.

Hannah, Photo & Video Producer, Picks:

Bahamas: Earthtones

Not gonna lie, there is a real John Mayer vibe goin down with their new single “Way with Words” and to me that is a real good thing. Drop that needle, close your eyes and you’re immediately taken away to a crisp summer evening at Red Rocks.

The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club

I am obsessed with George Harrison. I'm blasting "Within You Without You," which is my fave song off this album and just very George. Harrison is often overlooked and under appreciated when it comes to lead guitarists from the British Invasion but its songs like this where he plays the sitar, acoustic, and arranged string parts that were performed by the London Symphony Orchestra for the album, that re-affirm my love for him and his dedication to his voice as an artist.

Betty Davis: Nasty Gal

Betty Davis is the OG nasty gal. A queen of sassery and fierceness who was a female musical force for funk in the '70s. She also inspired and charmed the actual pants off of the likes of Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix. This record is total fire, just like Betty.


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