When askedby NPR who, exactly, is fetching the bolt cutters, the singer replied "I am, you are, the listener is. Everybody is. It's sort of "Fetch your tool of liberation. Set yourself free."

As the reigning queen of self-isolation, long before quarentine even started, she went on to say, " The first song on the album came from this moment that I was at a meditation retreat. It was after six days of meditation and I had this huge headache inside of my head — and I say it was inside of my head because it ended up not being inside of my head. It sounds crazy, but I had this throbbing in my head, and then at a certain point, it left my head and it became this pulse that everybody shared. And it made me feel connected to everyone — and this is after six days of morning-to-night meditation, so it takes a lot to get into that state.... And the cool thing is this whole album, for me, has turned into the headache that I had inside of my head and now that it's released, it's like this pulse that now we can all share."

Ultimately — sonically, lyrically, spiritually, and virtually every other way possible — Fetch the Bolt Cutters is the sound of a woman freeing herself from the constraints of form, expectation, and establishment, burning everything down to make a profoundly singular work unlike anything that’s ever existed, and we're so excited to share this beautiful exclusive vinyl edition with you.

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