Featuring the likes of Bekon, Ravyn Lenae & The Shacks.

Bekon, the alter ego of Daniel Tannenbaum, has had production credits all over hip-hop for the past decade. Most recently, you can find his talents sprinkled all over Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. Now, he’s come out with his own equally impressive single “Cold as Ice.” The track brings the listener in and out of a funky haze dotted with a bit of an old-school video game edge.

Ravyn Lenae is throwing us serious Aaliyah vibes on the cover of her new single “Sticky.” Accompanied by rising star Steve Lacey, this track is an impressive show of her vocal ability and a clear step forward in her path as an artist.

We’ve been all over pinkcaravan! and her signature bouncy style for a while now. Her new single “pop, lock & lemon drops” has got her brand all over it: low key talk-style flow with a bubblegum drop backing beat.

New artist forecast: You may have heard The Shacks in one of the new Apple commercials. Now they’re coming at us with a new single “Audrey (Spending All My Time With You).” Their care-free style accompanied by Shannon Wise’s etherial voice is a serious breath of fresh air.

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