Miya Folick, the newest member of our Rising program, deserves your attention. After coming onto the scene in 2016, she has released her most cohesive and emotive body of work yet: Give It To Me. We’ve partnered with her to release a limited edition double EP vinyl, including her last EP: Strange Darling. Learn more about why Miya is a force to be reckoned with in our interview with her here.

Sufjan Stevens has released a mixtape of outtakes, remixes and demos from Carrie and Lowell, proving that even an album of his unfinished tracks is better than most artists major efforts. He’s enlisted Heldo Negro to remix two tracks from the album - with “All of Me (Wants All of You)” pulling ahead as the standout of the compilation.

Finally, August Rosembaum brings us a mix of Jamie Woon and Rhye that has us swooning at our desks. “Calling Out” is a swirling pattern of harmonies and minimalist beats that reminds one of a church choir.

New artist forecast: The Colorado based Ashley Koett has released her newest track “Call Me” that mixes the vocal stylings of Joss Stone with an 8-bit wurlitzer sound in the vein of Headphones. It’s an ear worm that’ll have you singing “baby baby” all day.

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