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5 Reasons Why Vinyl Me, Please Is The Best Vinyl Subscription

On September 5, 2018

We think Vinyl Me, Please is the vinyl subscription of your dreams: It offers the best records, the most unique packages and the best customer service. And thanks to different subscription and Swap options, it's almost guaranteed you'll receive a record you'll love each and every month.

Here are the five reasons Vinyl Me, Please is the best vinyl subscription you can get.

1. We Have Multiple Subscriptions In Different Genres Of Music

In addition to our flagship subscription that started in 2013 – now called Vinyl Me, Please Essentials, which is the deepest, longest running record of the month club in the game – we also have two additional subscriptions. The first is called Vinyl Me, Please Classics, it features a title in either jazz, blues or soul music. The second is Vinyl Me, Please Rap & Hip Hop, which features a new or reissued rap album. You can catch up on the archive of Essentials here, Classics here and Rap & Hip Hop here.

You may see us call our subscriptions Tracks. Think of it as a nickname, or a “Choose your own adventure” type thing. For example, the Essentials Track or the Rap & Hip Hop Track.

You can choose a Track and ride that wave, but let's say a month comes along and you're really digging a release from one of the other Tracks. No problem. Just go into your Member Portal and switch from the Track you're on to the Track you want.

Wait, you don't want to choose?

Add a Track for an additional $33 a month, so if you like two or three records in a month, you can easily have them all!

2. You Can Swap For A Different Record

Are you signed up for a subscription, and don’t find something you like in any of the three Tracks? Well, we probably still have a record you’ll love; every subscription comes with unlimited Swaps, which allows you to “Swap” your subscription record for one of the more than 50 albums in our Archive, and also our limited-edition store exclusives (more on those below). We want to pair you with an album you’ll love every month, so make sure you check the monthly Swap list.

3. You Can Start A Subscription With Any Record In Our Archive

So you were checking out the VMP Archive and thought to yourself, “I want that. I have to have that!” We got you. You can sign up for any available album in our Archive.

It’s all part of our mission to pair you with an album we think you’ll love.

4. Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive Pressings

Every month, we release limited-edition albums that are available to Vinyl Me, Please members first. Our editions are usually colored vinyl you can’t get anywhere else, and they sell out fast. These records will ship with your subscription record. You can check out our current offerings here.

5. Our Customer Service Is Best In Class

Made by music fans for music fans — our team ensures you get the answers and help you need as soon as humanly possible. If you ever run into an issue with a record, or just need help getting it on your turntable, we're here for you!

We love every record we sell, and we want you to, too.


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