Astrological Signs As Lyrics From Stevie Nicks' 'Bella Donna'

Featuring Art From Vintage Astrology Instagrammer @cogey

On April 24, 2020

So... what's your sign? Whether you're an astrology fanatic or just the casual dabbler who appreciates an aesthetically pleasing astrology meme, we can all agree Stevie Nicks and our May Essentials ROTM Bella Donna have some serious celestial goddess energy. Luckily, we teamed up with one of our favorite vintage astrology Instagram creators, @cogey, to pair all 12 astrological signs with our favorite lyrics from the album.

Check out what Stevie's got written in the stars for you below, or on Cogey's stunning Instagram feed, which we're obsessed with.


“And he in all his glory / Was far ahead of her / But she was never sorry / For wishes that would burn” — "The Highwayman"

by @cogey


“The clouds never expect it / When it rains / But the sea changes colours / But the sea / Does not change” — "Edge of Seventeen"

by @cogey


“Even though the living / Is sometimes laced with lies / It's alright / The feeling remains / Even after the glitter fades” — "After The Glitter Fades"

by @cogey


“And, yes, she matters to you / Kind of woman that'll haunt you” — "Kind of Woman"

by @cogey


“Look in my eyes / Touch my face / Baby, there's no one / That can take my place” — "Outside the Rain"

by @cogey


“I need you today / Give to me your leather / Take from me my lace” — "Leather and Lace"

by @cogey


“Even when you feel like your life / Is fading / I know that you'll go on forever / You're that good” — "Think About It"

by @cogey


“And the heart says danger / And the heart says whatever” — "Think About It"

by @cogey


“I know you really wanna tell me goodbye / I know you really wanna be your own girl” — "Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around"

by @cogey


“What I seem to touch these days / Has turned to gold / What I seem to want / Well you know I'll find a way” — "After The Glitter Fades"

by @cogey


“Standing in the doorway / Watching out to sea / Calling out to me / You go your way Go on, go on / But you don't forget me” — "How Still My Love"

by @cogey


“Don't you know that the stars are / A part of us / And the lady's feeling / Just like the moon that she loved?” — "Bella Donna"

by @cogey

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