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The Story of Waylon Jennings

VMP Anthology 18, The Story of Waylon Jennings, is a limited-edition vinyl box set featuring eight albums from Waylon’s imperial period when he was on top of the Country Music Universe.

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Waylon had more lives than a cardboard box of Cheshires, and when he left his vessel in 2002, something else died with him: that sense of rebellious possibility. As long as Waylon was here, country music — and the music world, writ large — had that sense of danger, of myth, and had someone who would run into the burning building. Waylon has certainly inspired many, many country musicians over the years in their sound — he more or less perfected country-rock from the opposite side of the divide that the Eagles and Gram Parsons were on — but he lives on today as a spiritual influence as much as a musical one. Every time some young punk from the sticks picks up a guitar and says fuck being polite, Waylon smiles somewhere. Every time someone flips a middle finger to what is expected of them, or stays up for three days straight chasing infinity, Waylon Jennings is there, clapping them on the back.
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Andrew Winistorfer, VMP Senior Director of Music and Editorial, and The Story of Waylon Jennings executive producer

Get The Whole Story…

VMP Anthology goes beyond the eight albums included in your box. Alongside your box and the albums within it, we provide in-depth, original Listening Notes and a digestible multi-episode podcast to serve as your definitive guide though these records. VMP Anthology isn’t just a box set that’s supposed to gather dust on your shelves — it’s an immersive and transformative story that comes alive for you to spend weeks (or longer!) inside of. We can’t wait for you to dive deeper into Waylon Jennings’ history and the albums in this box.

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Lonesome, On'ry & Mean (1973)
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This Time (1974)
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The Ramblin' Man (1974)
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Dreaming My Dreams (1975)
Episode Image
Are You Ready For The Country (1976)
Episode Image
Ol' Waylon (1977)
Episode Image
I've Always Been Crazy (1978)
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Leather and Lace (1981)

What's Included

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Are You Sure Waylon Would Have Done It This Way?
Hosted by The Story of Waylon Jennings executive producer and VMP Senior Director of Music and Editorial Andrew Winistorfer, this season of the VMP Anthology Podcast is devoted to exploring Waylon’s career, and how his fight for artistic freedom opened doors for artists of all genres.
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Leather and Lathes
The eight albums in this box have all been mastered AAA from 1-to-1 tape transfers of the master tapes by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound. The 8 LPs featured in the box come on 180g color vinyl, pressed at GZ, and will be limited in the first edition to 1,000 units. These albums have not been reissued AAA in many years — in some cases, ever — and have been faithfully recreated down to the uncoated back panels of their tip-on jackets.
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Lonesome, On'ry and Read
Read the story of these eight albums in a very special 28-page Listening Notes and photo booklet.
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Premium Commemorative Box
Designed in-house at VMP by Clay Conder, these records are housed in an original box that’s inspired by the aesthetics of classic Outlaw-era album covers.
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How Was The Audio Sourced?

All eight of the albums in this VMP Anthology are AAA, cut directly from fully analog tape-to-tape transfers of the master tapes by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound.

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Podcast and Listening Notes

Get the full story of The Story of Waylon Jennings through our podcast and Listening Notes booklet. The booklet — 28 pages long with photos from the era — found in your box covers the story of Waylon Jennings’ peak at the top of country music. Our podcast will offer a discussion of all the albums and their histories.

This record is only available for Members. VMP members receive our exclusive Records of the Month and special access to other limited titles (like this one). Starting at $36/month.


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The Story of Waylon Jennings

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