After a half-decade strong, Salt-N-Pepa marched forward to a worldwide smash through a simple distillation of all their best qualities. They were sex-positive, activist, Black feminists always prepared to turn the party out. All the above make Very Necessary as urgent as its namesake, keeping all of the fun and leaving all of the filler. This album came when Salt-N-Pepa remained closely attuned to their legacy, and it made them the first Grammy-winning female rap act in the process. They fought through the objectification of their bodies, the muddling of their messaging by critics, and the doomsday forecast for women rapping at all. While Salt-N-Pepa pick all the right spots to kick their critics in the teeth, the ladies are far more obsessed with what makes the world spin. They’re never too proud to ask for a number, but will place a boot on the throat of any man shaming them. They live for the children, they’re sick of the prisons. Independence is mandatory, and a two-step proves useful weaponry.