“'RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo' grinds up the pulp of the past and barrels headlong into an uncertain future. Its extremely loose conceit casts RZA as a comic book antihero who drives around in a bulletproof Digimobile, an externalized id with little regard for manners, foes or anything resembling consequence. Where '36 Chambers,' and the solo Wu-Tang albums that followed, made liberal use of the audio from samurai and kung-fu movies, 'Bobby Digital' recalls the American exploitation flicks of the 1970s: self-consciously middlebrow, yet rigorously engaging, bright and vile and banned from TV. It is a record that is sourced from a thousand different places — old, obscure LPs and new digital technologies, the East coast of the Reagan years and the far East of the Westerner’s imagination — but could only have been crafted by one man.”