"Comin’ live from ‘96, Redman rooted his third album 'Muddy Waters' in the classic East Coast boom-bap ethos of rapping for dear life, slathered in traces of G-funk tones. But Redman’s power lies in how his incomparable charisma ceaselessly elevates the standard stoner fare into an otherworldly territory. No matter which spliffs he’ll smoke or functions he’ll ditch, he stops at nothing to secure the listener’s attention as our streetwise guide through life on high. Scaling back from the heavier drug tones of his previous works, Redman teams back up with Erick Sermon behind the boards to make 'Muddy Waters' a no-frills, first-person romp from the vantage of everyone’s one homie that’s never startin’ shit, but always into shit. It’s a rap clinic you can only find from the right connect, scoring many days in an alluring haze with many more stories to tell."