Phoenix had no way of knowing how big of an impact that 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix' would finally have once they released it on May 25, 2009. At first, because of their decision to tour festivals in France and Germany where they were just another name on a poster, the response to the album seemed muted. Then they came over to the United States. “We knew there was this other life online, this secret society listening to our music that was not showing up to the shows,” Mars said. “Then we played Bonnaroo, the first U.S. [festival] we played, and I remember I was late and when I arrived at the festival site and I heard the tent was super loud and I thought it was going to be really hard to follow whoever was playing there. Then I realized that for 20 minutes, it was the crowd waiting for us to go there. I remember thinking ‘This is gonna be a crazy ride from now on.'