I Don't Wanna Lose EP

Kate Bollinger

Kate Bollinger is our VMP Rising artist for November 2019. We have I Don't Wanna Lose on Orange & Cream vinyl.
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Exclusive VMP Exclusive
label Independent
mastering engineer Joey Messina-Doerning
pressing location GZ Vinyl
release type New Release
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Near simultaneously as she explored a deftly programmed interpretation of her fluttering folk, Kate Bollinger also began experimenting with a talented camaraderie of jazz musicians. She credits her band – comprised of Trainium, Chris Lewis, Jacob Grissom, and Jimmy Trussell – with unlocking the latent swing in her compositions, demonstrated on this summer’s delightful 'I Don’t Wanna Lose EP.' The collection’s genre-fluid charm has struck Bollinger some newfound playlist traction, without inviting cynicism that she’s some type of algorithm optimizing savant. Instead, she slots naturally onto every mood board simply because her music hits all the right notes: unhurried tempos, round-edged chord progressions, redolent yet winding melodies strung together emotively without losing their composure. The songs fall onto your ears like cool skin on a hot, sticky day, when the AC is broken but the company keeps you comfortably preoccupied.

Yet none of the fancy new production or instrumental adornment undermine Bollinger’s core songwriting ability; no matter the material her words are printed on, the message holds together the medium.


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*Audio and/or tracklist may vary slightly from the vinyl version.

I Don't Wanna Lose EP
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