In 1974, Hound Dog Taylor recorded his last studio album; Natural Boogie, appearing here in VMP Classics. The release nearly derailed Alligator Records, its creation was a disaster and Hound Dog himself died of lung cancer less than two years after its release. It’s a record that could have sunk multiple ships; that it sounds so raucous, wild, mercurial and is a downright blast feels incongruous in retrospect.

Bruce Iglauer, the founder of Alligator Records — who produced Natural Boogie, and worked closely with VMP on this reissue — said of the album: “This reissue is important to me because I hope that this is going to reach some people who have no idea who Hound Dog was. He’d be so tickled that people still wanted to hear his music that much later. He just thought of himself as a happy barroom entertainer. He never thought of a legacy, as such. If he had, he might have left a will and then it would’ve been easier to pay the royalties, too (laughs).”