"'Everything Is Everything' was the realization of a dynamic half decade that saw Donny Hathaway go from an introverted music major to one of the soul era’s brightest stars. In doing so, this became a magnum opus of his abilities in every regard: his songwriting, arranging, producing, and singing. One could argue that 'Extension Of A Man' (1973) was more consistent or that 'Donny Hathaway Live' (1972) had more transcendent performances, but 'Everything Is Everything' inarguably established just how expansive his genius could be. In another lifetime, 'Everything Is Everything' would have been the auspicious beginning to a long career filled with genre-shifting solo albums, radio-dominating duet projects, and countless production and songwriter credits. Instead, Hathaway’s mental illness worsened across the '70s, putting a strain on his output, which ended up being shockingly smaller than one might assume. The shadow of his January 1979 death—and the unresolved questions around its circumstances—hang over all his recordings but especially this one."