Without Carla Thomas, there‚Äôs no ‚Äúlegendary‚ÄĚ Stax records. There‚Äôs no Isaac Hayes talking about Shaft, baby. There‚Äôs no Otis Redding at Monterey, there‚Äôs no ‚ÄúTry A Little Tenderness.‚ÄĚ Without Thomas, Stax would have been, at best, relegated to the Trivial Pursuit section of music history, alongside any number of regional record labels that went *poof* in the ‚Äô60s and ‚Äô70s. Thomas was Stax‚Äôs first star‚ÄĒthe only solo woman to put out more than two albums on the label‚ÄĒand she was indirectly responsible for everything that came after. That she is remembered after Redding, Booker T, Isaac Hayes, Sam & Dave and even her dad, Rufus Thomas, is a vagary of history.