“Don’t write AIR’s 1998 debut Moon Safari off as easy-listening. It might go down like a third martini, and you wouldn’t be wrong to put a song like ‘Sexy Boy’ on a sex playlist. In its rambling Rhodes piano riffs and flickers of smooth bass, Moon Safari contains a universe. It is a beginning: The story of two young people finally making the art they knew they were capable of making, the story of using what you have to create what can best be described as a mood. A sensation, a prick on the back of your neck, a spit exchange with a stranger in a smoky bar.

Moon Safari, though, will always be a perfect debut. It feels like a dream sequence. One moment you’re walking through a room drenched in pink light while dressed in a tuxedo, the next you’re diving into the neighbor’s pool butt-naked with your high school crush. It’s a mood you want to live inside of forever. It’s a revelation. It’s conversation pit music for a better future.”