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What is VMP Country?

It is VMP’s new subscription Track that celebrates country music in all of its forms.

How do I get the Johnny Cash album if I’m NOT a VMP member?
You can sign up beginning February 23 for VMP Country by becoming a member from our Join the Club page.
How do I get the Johnny Cash album if I AM a VMP member?
On February 23, you can add the Country Track for $33/mo or change your existing Primary Track to Country. See how to do that here.

Can I just buy Johnny Cash without signing up?
The only way to guarantee being able to get this new edition of Johnny Cash’s At Folsom Prison is through a membership for VMP Country.

Do I get the bandana that comes with VMP Country?
Yes, everyone who gets Johnny Cash will get the bandana.

As a member, will I be able to Swap for Johnny Cash?
Not at this time. To ensure everyone who wants to sign up for VMP Country can, Country will be added to Swaps in future months, not at launch.

What are the upcoming titles for VMP Country?
As announced on RS Country, the Country ROTM for April is Willie Nelson’s Shotgun Willie, and May is Sturgill Simpson’s Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. The Country ROTM for June will be announced along with the next three Records of the Month for our other three Tracks (Essentials, Classics and Hip-Hop) on March 25. If you’d like to sign up for just Willie Nelson or just Sturgill Simpson, sign up after 5pm ET on their specific announce days (March 25 and April 27).

Here at VMP, we specially curate a monthly record, across four Tracks, every month. Tracks are our different subscription options (Essentials, Classics, Rap & Hip Hop and Country), which you can learn more about here: Tracks - Everything You Need to Know.

While we hope that everyone gives our choices a chance, we understand if you would rather receive something else, so we allow members to Swap from a list of other records if they don't like what we are about to send them. Check out this article to learn more about Swaps: Swaps - Everything You Need to Know.

So while we don't connect to your Spotify, or ask your preferences, we do allow you to change what you will receive, as well as purchase additional records from our store to ship with your next monthly shipment. Does that clear things up a bit?

Feel free to check out our Help Center for some more information. We are here to help if you have any other questions or need anything else.
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