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Every month we select and press an exclusive record for each of our Essentials, Classics and Hip-Hop tracks.


VMP Classics features deluxe reissues of some of history's greatest albums, restoring them to their fullest glory. Focusing on the genres of jazz, blues & soul, Classics delivers top-notch 180g black vinyl pressings, remastered audio & high-quality listening notes booklets authored by acclaimed journalists, scholars & experts.



VMP Essentials sends its members an album that is absolutely essential to every record collection. It’s not just a clever name: we’ll send you the best of indie rock, metal, rap, folk, country, and even funk by an Ethiopian legend. These are records your collection is incomplete without.



VMP Hip-Hop is the only vinyl subscription service a rap head needs to build the realest record collection. Featuring records from all styles and eras of rap, each VMP Rap & Hip-Hop release comes on colored vinyl, and comes with a unique stencil.


Past Records of the Month

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