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The Story of Willie Nelson

A story told through seven albums of sensitive, rebellious and unmatched songwriting, with special attention to vibrant storytelling and quality mastering.

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People are people. They laugh, cry, feel, and love, and music seems to be the common denomination that brings us all together. Music cuts through all boundaries and goes right to the soul.
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Willie Nelson
in his 2002 memoir, The Facts of Life: And Other Dirty Jokes

Get The Whole Story….

VMP Anthology goes beyond the seven albums included in your box. Alongside your box and the albums within it, we provide in-depth, original Listening Notes and a digestible multi-episode podcast to serve as your definitive guide though these records. VMP Anthology isn’t just a box set that’s supposed to gather dust on your shelves — it’s an immersive and transformative story that comes alive for you to spend weeks (or longer!) inside of. We can’t wait for you to dive deeper into Willie Nelson’s incredible history, and get lost in his endless well of musical stories along the way.

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Country Willie (His Own Songs) (1965)
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Yesterday's Wine (1971)
Episode Image
Red-Headed Stranger (1975)
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Stardust (1978)
Episode Image
Always on My Mind (1982)
Episode Image
Across the Borderline (1993)
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Heroes (2012)

What's Included

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A Good-Hearted Podcast
Hear the story of Willie Nelson — featuring experts and members of his vast community of devoted fans. This digestible podcast series will tell the story of each album in this box, dive deep into the mind of the artist who made them and discuss his impact on country music and music at large. We’ll hear from those whose lives Willie’s music touched; you’ll even have a chance to contribute to telling his story when you call into the Outlaw Hotline or submit a question to our AMA! Find the podcast on streaming services when the Anthology ships and listen to each corresponding episode as you make your way through the records in your box.
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Seven Classic Willie Nelson Masterpieces
First edition limited to 1,500 on exclusive 180g colored vinyl, with all lacquers cut by Bernie Grundman and pressed at GZ. Includes 1993’s Across the Borderline, which is here on vinyl for the first time.
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Mamas Don’t Let Their Babies Grow Up to Listen to Low-Quality Audio

The first five titles are AAA-mastered from tapes, and the final two albums are mastered from the highest quality digital masters available, with lacquers cut by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.
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Please Do Tell Me How the Story Ends
Read the story of these seven albums in a very special 32-page Listening Notes and photo booklet written by VMP Classics & Country Director Andrew Winistorfer.
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Premium Commemorative Box
Designed in-house at VMP, these records are housed in an original box that’s inspired by the classic aesthetics of Outlaw-era country music and, of course, featuring Willie’s nylon-string Martin N-20, Trigger.
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Satisfy Your Willie Queries
Do you have burning questions always on your mind? You’ll receive an invite to ask any question you want to know about Shotgun Willie, the featured albums, behind-the-scenes curiosities, what might be next in Anthology or anything else on your mind. And, if you submit, you’ll have a chance to be entered into a contest to win test pressings from The Story of Willie Nelson. Keep your ear to the ground!
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How Was The Audio Sourced?

The first five titles (1965’s Country Willie (His Own Songs), 1971’s Yesterday's Wine, 1975’s Red-Headed Stranger, 1978’s Stardust and 1982’s Always on My Mind) are AAA-mastered from tapes, and the final two albums (1993’s Across the Borderline and 2012’s Heroes) are mastered from the highest quality digital masters available, with lacquers cut by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. All seven titles are pressed on exclusive 180g colored vinyl at GZ.

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Podcast and Listening Notes

Become a Willie Nelson expert. VMP Anthology allows you to experience your music beyond the usual passive listening. Go deeper than just the albums by reading our 32-page Listening Notes booklet. Found inside your box, it covers the story of Willie Nelson and his cultural impact. Our podcast offers an audible album-by-album annotation, and tells the story of each album, featuring contributions from Willie Nelson fans like you.


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VMP Anthology is the vinyl box set, reinvented. It aims to use music to tell a story, and gives space for lots of listening, learning, and conversation along the way.
VMP started as a record of the month club in 2013 and has expanded into an online record store and magazine.
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We created VMP Anthology for people who recognize that every album has a deep story to tell. By breaking up the albums, we give you space to truly listen and absorb each individual recording, listen to the podcast and soak it in. Of course, this is just a suggestion!
Nope! We built VMP Anthology as a way for all fans to experience music more deeply, and VMP membership is not required.
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The Story of Willie Nelson

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