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Weezer - Pinkerton

№41 - May 2016

On April 21, 2016

Picture it: You’re 25 and famous and uncomfortable. You’re laid up in bed in this freezing Northeastern university, your leg in constant pain. You don’t talk to the kids around you, because what are you going to say to them? An 18-year-old suburban math whiz is not going to have a whole lot to say to the grown-up rock star weirdo who sits next to him in lecture hall. You’ve already seen your rock-star dreams come true, and they’ve done nothing for you. You want to create something great and fall in love and become a grown-up, and you have no idea how any of that might happen. Maybe that’s how you end up writing an album like 'Pinkerton'. -- Tom Breihan

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What’s included in this VMP Exclusive:

  • Translucent blue w/ black marbling 140g vinyl
  • Gatefold w/ pop-out art
  • Lyric sheet
  • 12x12 orginal art print by <a href="">Fuco Ueda

Learn more about "Pinkerton"

When Pinkerton came along, the world wasn’t ready to hear it. Nobody wanted to hear about the dementedly guilty desires of the guy who sang “Buddy Holly.”
Tom Breihan

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About Weezer’s Albums Since Pinkerton

I found out that not only was I wrong in trumpeting the boring, trite party line, I found I like at least four Weezer albums in 2016 as much as I like their first two.

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The Visual History of Pinkerton

We love the story behind Pinkerton so much that we had Dominick Rabrun cook something special up to give you a quick visual guide to how it was made.

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